Ligonier Ministries

The Kingdom of God

The Lord reigns as King over all things. Yet, there is another sense in which the kingdom of God has not yet fully come. Today, Barry Cooper considers the meaning behind the metaphors pertaining to God’s kingdom.

Messiah / Christ

Far from being Jesus’ last name, “Christ” is a title that carries immense meaning. Today, Barry Cooper tells of the glory that Jesus bears as the ultimate Prophet, Priest, and King.

The Abrahamic Covenant

What does a Mesopotamian sheep herder from 4,000 years ago have to do with us? Today, Barry Cooper explains how God’s promise to Abraham reveals the good news of Jesus Christ.


It has become a cliché to say, “We’re all God’s children.” But actually, that isn’t true. Today, Barry Cooper articulates the extraordinary privilege Christians have in being adopted into the family of God.

The Apostles’ Creed

The Apostles’ Creed isn’t just a statement of Christ’s past, present, and future life—it’s a reminder of our present and future lives too. Today, Barry Cooper walks us through this document that has been confessed by Christians for centuries.


A significant part of our lives is driven by the pursuit of two words: “Well done.” Today, Barry Cooper observes that the pursuit of glory is not a bad thing—as long as we’re seeking it in the right place.


When we sin, we strive to substitute our own authority for God’s. Today, Barry Cooper explains what makes our sin so devastating and points to another substitution as our only source of hope.

Ordo Salutis

What steps take place in the salvation of a Christian? Today, Barry Cooper provides an encouraging reminder that God’s redemption of His people is an unstoppable process.

The Communicable Attributes of God

There’s a good way of wanting to be like God—and a very bad way. Today, Barry Cooper identifies the ways we can, and ought to, imitate God.


Jesus is the lens through we must look if we are to understand the Scriptures properly. Today, Barry Cooper emphasizes the importance of interpreting the Bible as it was meant to be interpreted.