Ligonier Ministries

The Inspiration of Scripture

When we open the Bible, we can be sure that what we’re reading has been breathed out by God. Today, Barry Cooper delves into the marvelous doctrine of the inspiration of Scripture.

High Places

All of the world’s idols demand that we make endless sacrifices for them. But only Jesus has accomplished the ultimate sacrifice we need. Today, Barry Cooper explains how the idols we encounter in the Old Testament are far more relevant than we realize.

Ad Fontes

If you want the pure truth, you have to go back to the source. Today, Barry Cooper considers a rallying cry from the Reformation that calls us ever back again to God’s Word, the source of true wisdom.


The sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper help the church to see spiritual realities that would otherwise be hidden from us. Today, Barry Cooper addresses how these visible depictions of the gospel stir up our faith in Christ.


No one who is truly united to Christ can ever be snatched from the hand of God. Today, Barry Cooper examines an encouraging truth: when God gives someone the gift of saving faith, He will preserve that faith to the end.


This word of praise erupts out of the final chapters of the book of Psalms and of the book of Revelation. Today, Barry Cooper explores a word that calls us to marvel at the self-sustaining, eternally existing, utterly transcendent nature of God.


Christians all over the world regularly use this word, but what does it actually mean? Today, Barry Cooper explores the significance of “amen” and how this ancient word is intimately connected to Jesus.


Why do some Bibles include 15 extra books that are not found in other Bibles? Today, Barry Cooper digs into the history behind these books and considers what role they should serve in the Christian life.

Limited Atonement

How could the perfect atonement won for us by Christ ever be considered “limited?” Today, Barry Cooper unpacks the precious meaning of a much-misunderstood phrase.

Offices of Christ

Jesus Christ is the summit of a long line of prophets, priests, and kings. But unlike all who came before Him, Christ bears all three of these roles and perfectly fulfills them. Today, Barry Cooper describes the glory of Jesus’ threefold office.