The Teleological Argument

When we look at the intricate order, balance, and patterns that are intrinsic to life and the universe, is it rational to conclude that these things are the product of blind and random forces? Today, Barry Cooper considers a classic argument for our Creator’s existence.

The Noetic Effects of Sin

What does it look like to love the Lord with all our mind? Today, Barry Cooper shows how sin affects our thinking and how our minds can become aligned with God’s truth.


Do you believe in a God who respects your personal space, one you can keep at arm’s length? Today, Barry Cooper explores the origins and impact of a philosophy that tries to place God at a safe distance.


Whatever questions we may have about the reason behind our pain, Christians can’t possibly conclude that God is aloof from suffering, that He doesn’t care about evil, or that He hasn’t done anything about it. Today, Barry Cooper presents three truths that help us trust in the goodness of God when facing the darkness of this world.

Contradiction and Paradox

God does not ask His people to abandon logic and simply accept the teachings of His Word on faith. Today, Barry Cooper helps us distinguish between a paradox and a contradiction.

The Ontological Argument

If it is even possible that God exists, then it follows logically that God does exist. Today, Barry Cooper walks us through Anselm’s famous argument for the existence of God.

The Cosmological Argument

The existence of creation points inevitably to the existence of a Creator. Today, Barry Cooper outlines the cosmological argument for the existence of God, the first cause.