Biblical Theology

High Places

All of the world’s idols demand that we make endless sacrifices for them. But only Jesus has accomplished the ultimate sacrifice we need. Today, Barry Cooper explains how the idols we encounter in the Old Testament are far more relevant than we realize.


Pentecost means “fiftieth day,” and the Bible describes two very significant “fiftieth day” events. Today, Barry Cooper describes the similarities and differences between those events so we may better know God’s gifts to His people of deliverance and life.

The Day of Atonement

Only once in the whole year could the high priest of Israel enter the Holy of Holies to approach the fearsome presence of a holy God: the Day of Atonement. Today, Barry Cooper explains what this day revealed about the depth of our guilt and how it pointed forward to a greater day when the sin of God’s people would be dealt with forever.


The temple was an enduring representation of the fact that the Lord, as the God of His people, will never leave them. Today, Barry Cooper points us to a greater temple that is more enduring still.


Why does the Old Testament contain exacting instructions for building a meeting place with God? Should we follow these assembly instructions today so that God may dwell with us? Today, Barry Cooper explains the role of the tabernacle and the One who has fulfilled it.

The Babylonian Captivity

The Lord is slow to anger, but His patience with religious hypocrites does not last forever. Today, Barry Cooper considers what Israel’s exile into Babylon teaches us about the danger of becoming complacent with our sin.

The Abrahamic Covenant

What does a Mesopotamian sheep herder from 4,000 years ago have to do with us? Today, Barry Cooper explains how God’s promise to Abraham reveals the good news of Jesus Christ.