Church History

Unconditional Election

On what basis does God choose His people for salvation? Today, Barry Cooper explains that our eternal destiny doesn’t ultimately depend on our free choice—and why that’s a good thing.

Ad Fontes

If you want the pure truth, you have to go back to the source. Today, Barry Cooper considers a rallying cry from the Reformation that calls us ever back again to God’s Word, the source of true wisdom.


Why do some Bibles include 15 extra books that are not found in other Bibles? Today, Barry Cooper digs into the history behind these books and considers what role they should serve in the Christian life.

Limited Atonement

How could the perfect atonement won for us by Christ ever be considered “limited?” Today, Barry Cooper unpacks the precious meaning of a much-misunderstood phrase.


What is the Christian view of the body? Do we need to be freed from the physical world in order to be truly spiritual? Today, Barry Cooper talks about an ancient philosophy that still leads many people to have wrong ideas about our physical bodies.

The Nicene Creed

Historical creeds and confessions are like letters from Christians who have come before us, warning us against dangerous theological mistakes that have threatened the church in the past. Today, Barry Cooper considers one of the most important Christian creeds ever written.

The Apostles’ Creed

The Apostles’ Creed isn’t just a statement of Christ’s past, present, and future life—it’s a reminder of our present and future lives too. Today, Barry Cooper walks us through this document that has been confessed by Christians for centuries.


The Apostles are included in “the foundation” of the Christian church (Eph. 2:20)–a foundation laid only once. Today, Barry Cooper describes the unique role these men played as the commissioned eyewitnesses of Jesus Christ.

Five Points of Calvinism

Salvation isn’t a 99% to 1% split between God’s participation and ours. It is entirely the work of the Lord and all the glory belongs to Him. Today, Barry Cooper explains what is at stake in the so-called “five points of Calvinism.”

Total Depravity

Sin is not a virus lurking outside of us, but a poison that defiles our hearts from within. Today, Barry Cooper helps us to delve into the depths of our sin.