Doctrine of God


Nothing is hidden from the mind of God—past, present, or future—so nothing can surprise or confuse Him. Today, Barry Cooper introduces us to God’s attribute of omniscience.

The Revealed and Hidden Will of God

You don’t need handwriting in the sky in order to discover God’s will for your life. Today, Barry Cooper helps us to distinguish between the revealed and hidden will of God and what we can know about both.


There is nowhere we can go to hide from the presence of God. He is nearer even than our own hearts. Today, Barry Cooper depicts the omnipresence or “all-presence” of God.


In these turbulent times, power is something of a dirty word. But God’s infinite power is supremely wonderful because it is wedded to His justice, truthfulness, and love. Today, Barry Cooper delves into the unlimited power of God.

Aseity of God

God depends on nothing and no one for His existence. On this episode of Simply Put, Barry Cooper considers the aseity of God.