Doctrine of Man


When we sin, we strive to substitute our own authority for God’s. Today, Barry Cooper explains what makes our sin so devastating and points to another substitution as our only source of hope.

The Creation Mandate

In the ultimate sense, there is no such thing as a job, a task, or a duty that is truly mundane. Today, Barry Cooper looks at God’s purpose for our everyday work in the world.


The central “spine” of the Bible can be described in a single word: covenant. Today, Barry Cooper expounds on these recurring agreements, pledges, and vows that culminate in the promised arrival of Christ Himself.


As the word means “messenger,” an angel isn’t so much a type of being as it is a job description. Today, Barry Cooper presents a biblical picture of these otherworldly creatures.

Creation Ex Nihilo

Unlike what we may have been told, our existence is no accident. On this episode of Simply Put, Barry Cooper marvels at God’s creation of all things from nothing.


He’s called the tempter, the accuser, the evil one, and the god of this age. On this episode of Simply Put, Barry Cooper looks at the biblical—and very real—figure of Satan.

Original Sin

Sin isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. On this first episode of Simply Put, Barry Cooper defines the term “original sin” and explains how it became our natural state.