Doctrine of Salvation

The Ascension

When we talk about the ascension, we aren’t merely referring to Jesus’ physical rising into the sky. Today, Barry Cooper explains that in this climactic moment, the victorious Christ rose to His throne as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Irresistible Grace

When Jesus calls people to Himself, they come. Today, Barry Cooper shows how God puts His sovereign grace in display every time a lost soul is drawn to Christ.

Penal Substitutionary Atonement

In order for our sin to be dealt with, someone must face the penalty our sin deserves. Today, Barry Cooper points to the only One who is qualified to take our sin upon Himself and reconcile us to God.


No one who is truly united to Christ can ever be snatched from the hand of God. Today, Barry Cooper examines an encouraging truth: when God gives someone the gift of saving faith, He will preserve that faith to the end.


To love others as we should, we first need to understand how deeply and irrevocably God loves His people. Today, Barry Cooper explains a Hebrew word that should profoundly affect our view of the Lord.


Anger is the response of a perfectly loving God when sin is committed against Him and others. Today, Barry Cooper explains the merciful way that God has appeased His wrath against His people in order to spare them from His righteous judgment.


Because of what Jesus Christ has done, death and darkness are on borrowed time. Today, Barry Cooper delivers the best news that we can ever hear.


It has become a cliché to say, “We’re all God’s children.” But actually, that isn’t true. Today, Barry Cooper articulates the extraordinary privilege Christians have in being adopted into the family of God.


A significant part of our lives is driven by the pursuit of two words: “Well done.” Today, Barry Cooper observes that the pursuit of glory is not a bad thing—as long as we’re seeking it in the right place.

Ordo Salutis

What steps take place in the salvation of a Christian? Today, Barry Cooper provides an encouraging reminder that God’s redemption of His people is an unstoppable process.