Doctrine of Salvation


In and of itself, faith isn’t necessarily a virtue. It all depends on what we have faith in. Today, Barry Cooper explains that the reason it is proper to put our faith in Christ is because Christ is perfectly good and perfectly trustworthy.


Defibrillators are not self-operated. Neither can the spiritually dead make themselves alive to Christ. Today, Barry Cooper helps us consider our need for someone else to apply the paddles to cause our spiritual hearts to beat.

Common Grace

The Lord lavishes all people with His kindness, even those who ignore, belittle, or are hostile toward Him. Today, Barry Cooper explains that God’s universal patience toward a sinful creation reflects His glory in unique ways.


Why did the Lord choose us to be His people? Is it because of something we did, something He did, or maybe a little bit of both? Today, Barry Cooper shows that the Bible’s answer to this question is abundantly clear.

Active and Passive Obedience of Christ

If we are to be reconciled to God, we need more than forgiveness for breaking His law. We also require the righteousness of One who has kept God’s law perfectly. Today, Barry Cooper explains the critical distinction between Christ’s active and passive obedience for our salvation.


Repentance is the fruit, not the cause, of our salvation. Today, Barry Cooper describes the lifelong discipline of repentance to which every Christian is called.


How did Adam’s disobedience bring sin and death to all mankind? In this episode, Barry Cooper explains how God relates to all people through chosen representatives.

Imputed Righteousness

No royal wedding is more shocking than that of Christ and His church. On this episode of Simply Put, Barry Cooper explains why.


We can never be good enough to meet the demands of God’s law. In this episode, Barry Cooper testifies to the One who met those demands on our behalf.


On this episode of Simply Put, Barry Cooper considers what it means to be sanctified: to be set apart by God for a purpose.