Doctrine of Scripture

Exegesis and Eisegesis

Our responsibility as Bible readers is to draw out the truth from the page open before us, not to try and make Scripture say whatever we’d like. Today, Barry Cooper highlights the importance of studying God’s Word rightly.

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Is the Bible all we need to live life well? Today, Barry Cooper explains that Scripture tells us everything we must believe in order to be saved and what we must do in order to please God.

The Inspiration of Scripture

When we open the Bible, we can be sure that what we’re reading has been breathed out by God. Today, Barry Cooper delves into the marvelous doctrine of the inspiration of Scripture.

Special Revelation

There is only so much you can tell about an artist from the things he’s created. To really get to know him, you’d need to meet him. Today, Barry Cooper shows us how the Scriptures—and ultimately Christ Himself—end the guessing games about who God is.


Jesus is the lens through we must look if we are to understand the Scriptures properly. Today, Barry Cooper emphasizes the importance of interpreting the Bible as it was meant to be interpreted.

The Perspicuity of Scripture

Anyone can come to Scripture and discover how they can be saved, even children and those lacking formal education. Today, Barry Cooper shows that the Bible is clear in its teaching about salvation and its basic principles for pleasing God.

The Word of God

Who, or what, is God’s Word? Today, Barry Cooper explains why both Jesus and the Bible are called the “Word” of God.

Inerrancy of Scripture

When we claim the Bible is devoid of errors, we must clarify what an error actually is. In this episode, Barry Cooper deciphers the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

Authority of Scripture

How is it possible that sixty-six distinct books seamlessly contribute to the same story? In this episode, Barry Cooper traces the authority of the Bible back to its divine Author.

Canon of Scripture

How did the early church recognize the books of the New Testament as Scripture? In this episode, Barry Cooper examines four signs of a book’s divine authority.