Doctrine of the Church


How should a local church be organized? Does everyone in any given church have the same role, or do particular people have particular responsibilities? Today, Barry Cooper explores what Scripture says about leadership in the local church.


The sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper help the church to see spiritual realities that would otherwise be hidden from us. Today, Barry Cooper addresses how these visible depictions of the gospel stir up our faith in Christ.


How should we make choices on matters that are neither commanded nor forbidden by Scripture? Today, Barry Cooper considers how Christians should exercise the freedom that God has given us.

The Visible and Invisible Church

Not everyone who visibly appears in the church actually belongs to God’s redeemed people. Today, Barry Cooper helps us make the crucial distinction between the visible and invisible church.

Four Views of the Lord’s Supper

When Christians receive the Lord’s Supper, Christ Himself is present—but how? In this episode, Barry Cooper explains the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, and Zwinglian views of the Lord’s Supper.