Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Being Filled with the Spirit

What does it mean to be “filled with the Holy Spirit”? Today, Barry Cooper turns to Scripture to help us grasp the truth behind this often-misunderstood question.


Throughout redemptive history, the Lord has worked wonders that are impossible to explain apart from His divine power. Today, Barry Cooper describes what miracles are and what they are for.

The Fruit of the Spirit

What should the Christian life look like? Today, Barry Cooper identifies nine qualities that the Spirit of God grows and cultivates in every true believer.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Some Christians seem to think that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given only to some believers. But the whole sweep of Scripture points in the opposite direction. Today, Barry Cooper discusses how God has empowered all of His people for ministry.

Assurance of Salvation

Walking an aisle and praying a prayer can never assure us of our salvation. Today, Barry Cooper asserts that true assurance accompanies a life truly changed by the gospel.


The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not mere masks God wears but three eternally distinct persons. In this episode, Barry Cooper critiques one common but incorrect explanation of the Trinity.