Theology in Simple Terms

As a new Christian, did you ever feel “stumped” by theology? Maybe you were listening to a sermon, and it seemed like the pastor was speaking another language. Or perhaps you picked up a study Bible and realized you may need a dictionary, too. From imputation to justification, theophany to theodicy, keeping all these concepts straight can be a challenge.

Simply Put is a podcast to help you build your Christian vocabulary. Each week, Barry Cooper explains a different theological term in clear, concise language and shares stories and illustrations that apply it to your life. Listen to this week’s episode to expand your understanding and deepen your faith, one word at a time.

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Recent Episodes

The Perspicuity of Scripture

Anyone can come to Scripture and discover how they can be saved, even children and those lacking formal education. Today, Barry Cooper shows that the Bible is clear in its teaching about salvation and its basic principles for pleasing God. Transcript What do people mean when they talk about the perspicuity of Scripture? I just...

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The Revealed and Hidden Will of God

You don’t need handwriting in the sky in order to discover God’s will for your life. Today, Barry Cooper helps us to distinguish between the revealed and hidden will of God and what we can know about both. Transcript How can you discover God’s will for your life? On my website once, I posted a...

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The Holy Spirit comes alongside us to bear our burdens, defend us, and give us strength and courage. Today, Barry Cooper examines a Greek word that richly illustrates our relationship with Christ and His Spirit. Transcript I recently e-mailed an American friend because I needed to change our plans. Naturally, I apologized for the faff....

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We can get in danger of being so infatuated with the idea of our sin’s forgiveness that we start to leave obedience behind. Today, Barry Cooper points out that Christians don’t take God’s law less seriously, but more seriously. Transcript My hair needed cutting recently, and I tried a new place. The man cutting my...

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The Visible and Invisible Church

Not everyone who visibly appears in the church actually belongs to God’s redeemed people. Today, Barry Cooper helps us make the crucial distinction between the visible and invisible church. Transcript What do people mean when they talk about the visible and the invisible church? I hope I’m not getting anyone into trouble here, but I...

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Barry Cooper is an author, teacher, and screenwriter whose work includes Luther: The Life And Legacy of the German Reformer, Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God, The Church: Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Discipleship Explored, and Can I Really Trust the Bible? He served for 20 years with Christianity Explored Ministries based in the United Kingdom.