Theology in Simple Terms

Have you ever wished that someone would explain theology in a way that doesn’t require a degree or a dictionary? Maybe you’ve listened to a sermon and it seemed like the pastor was speaking another language. Or perhaps you’ve thought that the notes in your study Bible could use a commentary of their own. From imputation to justification, theophany to theodicy, keeping all these concepts straight can be a challenge for any believer.

Simply Put is a short podcast about long words. Every week, Barry Cooper sheds light on a different biblical or theological term, using helpful illustrations to apply it to your life. Listen to this week’s episode to expand your understanding and deepen your faith, one word at a time.

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Recent Episodes

Contradiction and Paradox

God does not ask His people to abandon logic and simply accept the teachings of His Word on faith. Today, Barry Cooper helps us distinguish between a paradox and a contradiction.

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The Babylonian Captivity

The Lord is slow to anger, but His patience with religious hypocrites does not last forever. Today, Barry Cooper considers what Israel’s exile into Babylon teaches us about the danger of becoming complacent with our sin.

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Anger is the response of a perfectly loving God when sin is committed against Him and others. Today, Barry Cooper explains the merciful way that God has appeased His wrath against His people in order to spare them from His righteous judgment.

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Because of what Jesus Christ has done, death and darkness are on borrowed time. Today, Barry Cooper delivers the best news that we can ever hear.

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The Kingdom of God

The Lord reigns as King over all things. Yet, there is another sense in which the kingdom of God has not yet fully come. Today, Barry Cooper considers the meaning behind the metaphors pertaining to God’s kingdom.

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Barry Cooper is an author, teacher, and screenwriter whose work includes Luther: The Life And Legacy of the German Reformer, Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God, The Church: Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Discipleship Explored, and Can I Really Trust the Bible? He served for 20 years with Christianity Explored Ministries based in the United Kingdom.